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Crew Management

Your Boat Is In Good Hands With Our Professional Crew

MARINBASE gives human resources service to your yacht which includes finding the right crew, organizing their payroll and social securities, control and following of the related crew certificates.

Financial Management

Comfort In Tracking Financial Transactions

Financial control of the yacht gives the opportunity to monitor the costs and gives a chance to lower them. A professional yacht manager who is working closely with the captain, ensures that optimal pricing is obtained in the procurement of goods and other services.

Technical Management

Feel Free From All Troubles & Keep Your Head Above Water With Our Professional Team

Planned maintenance programs which will be checked by our marine engineers, keeps long term repair and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Administrative Management

Administrative management service which we call yacht ownership risk management, all your responsibilities against international maritime rules, flag states and class organizations are ensured while the flag registration, classification and other legal processes of your boat are meticulously managed. In this way, the risks of owning a boat are minimized.

Need For Yacht Management

Why You Should Work With Us?

With the increasing size and budgets of the modern day yachts, yacht management becomes obligation more than an option for the yacht owners if they want to have safe and sound operation on their yacht.

To minimize the risks and potential liabilities of the yacht ownership, we offer full management service including crew employment and technical consultancy to ensure that the yacht is maintained and operated in accordance with ever evolving legislation and is in compliance with local regulations.

You can control your yachts expenses and reduce it %20 on yearly basis with our yacht management services.

Special discounts from our solution partners to MARINBASE yacht management fleet.

Minimum risk of yacht ownership and maximum comfort.

Crew Employment

Finding best suitable crews for your yacht

Payroll and Social Security

Handling crew payroll and social security liabilities

MLC 2006 and MCA Compliance

MCA and flag state approved contracts


Control of the yacht expenses both in cash and credit card

Payments and Invoice Control

Accurate and prompt payments of invoices

Annual Reporting

Cash flow control and categorized accounting reports

Preseason Maintenance

Organizing standart preseason maintenance

Technical Support

Emergency Technical Support 24/7

Planned Maintenance

Reducing technical expenses with planned maintenance program

Flag and State Operations

Application of flag state regulations

Classification Authorities

Ensuring compliance with the rules of class organizations and follow-up certification


Following international maritime rules, ISM/ISPS applications


You Just Think All The Good Moments On Your Yacht

Let Us Think The Rest

About Us

Founded by two partners who carried the military discipline they gained during the long years in the Turkish Navy to the world of yachting, among the maritime customs and traditions, MARINBASE serves with an international identity, especially all the Mediterranean coast.

Being the first yacht management company which has Turkey’s “Crew Placement Certificate” that has been approved by MLC 2006, MARINBASE provides comfort and safety to yacht owners with yacht management services, has also been a pioneer in the legal rights of the crew.

We provide 24/7 uninterrupted service to our competent crew who are working all over the Mediterranean and to our boats in our management fleet from our head office Istanbul MARIN/KOSK and our Tuzla branch.


Our Team

Bahadır Şen
Bahadır Şen
Director +90 532 676 21 12 [email protected]
Seda Sanlısoy
Seda Sanlısoy
Director +90 533 616 18 26 [email protected]
Can Dönmez
Can Dönmez
Tuzla Branch Manager +90 535 529 10 16 [email protected]
Ercan Dikmen
Ercan Dikmen
Accounting and Finance Manager +90 546 717 43 25 [email protected]
Özkan Çoban
Özkan Çoban
Administrative Manager +90 538 971 34 31 [email protected]
Onur Akçay
Onur Akçay
Yacht Manager +90 535 664 97 22 [email protected]
Sezer Kurşun
Sezer Kurşun
Yacht Manager +90 535 664 97 20 [email protected]
Denizhan Özbaykal
Denizhan Özbaykal
Yacht Manager +90 534 926 18 24 [email protected]
Ahmet Durgut
Ahmet Durgut
Yacht Manager +90 530 018 43 23 [email protected]

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